Heriot-Edievale.Com (Trading as Heriot-Edievale Limited) - Public Transport, Rail and Freight Advisory / Consultancy

We are a specialist Public Transport, Rail and Freight Advisory / Consultancy based in New Zealand. We also have the ability to muster specialist rail consultancy resources from around the globe if required. Our experience spans Public Transport, Rail and Freight areas in New Zealand, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

The principal of Heriot-Edievale Limited is Michael van Drogenbroek - see Linkedin profile here 

We also provide a Resources and Reports webpage where reports of topical interest on Transport analysis can be downloaded. We launched in January 2012 a new informative  New Zealand Rail Transport Blog with current emphasis on the economics of Rail in the New Zealand. The aim of the Blog is to improve the understanding and knowledge of a rapidly changing Transport and Rail sector for stakeholders.
Our links to the past are also not forgotten and are implicit in the name of the company and this website  - 
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Financial Analysis and Examination
Maritime Transport - Dropping Anchor On Analysis
Regional Rail Transport - Train To Hakodate, Japan 2011
Aviation - Taking off Into Sunny Skies and Sunsets
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