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General Musings

Heriot, West Otago Historical Musings

Heriot, West Otago is a small town in New Zealand, where I grew up. It is an apparently diminutive little town in the middle of nowhere on the South Island but a town that few know was pivotal in New Zealand’s Commercial and Farming heritage.
Growing up in Heriot in the 1970's was great time but is was also very much the end of an era. For starters there was the railway station and the daily freight train from Gore (I have to say that as this is a Railway Transport blog after all). This gave the town a sense of importance and also connection to the larger world out there.

New Direction and Changing Times At Heriot-Edievale.Com

Readers may notice some subtle changes to this website as it has been renamed Heriot-Edievale.Com.
The Heriot-Edievale Enterprises Ltd consulting business is now closed. I am no longer resident in New Zealand and have moved to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and as such it is not possible to continue with this business any longer for various reasons.  I am now refocusing my efforts on my new role as Strategy and Performance Director at Etihad Rail in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Reflection - 100 Year Anniversary Of Titanic

I have always been fascinated byTitanic, Ocean Liners and big ships in general. 
As a young lad I spent many weeks at sea on theAchille Lauro, another liner with its own sad history, that is now also at the bottom of the ocean. Also likeTitanicssister shipBrittanic,her sister theAngelina Lauronow also lies at the bottom of the ocean. So I guess for this and many other reasons the drama of the ship has special meaning to me. Like many I feel that I know her. Not to mention the maritime transport interest I have always had.

"Eleven Minutes Late" - A very funny, sad and insightul look Into what may as well be, as Jeremy Wells (ex "Newsboy" and "The Unauthorised History of New Zealand" star) would say is "Our New Zealand Railways"

I have been reading a interesting book lately callled "Eleven Minutes Late" by Matthew Engel. The comparisons of British Rail to New Zeland Railways are truely astounding.
In New Zealand we have had much the same experiences as Britain as regards to our Railways (both today and in the past). I cannot recommend this book strongly enough to anyone who has a interest in the social history of British, or for that matter, New Zealand Railways. Substitute Rt Hon Peter Gordon for Dr Beeching in 1960's and the other comparatives right up to the present day are astounding.

44th Anniversary Of Last Train Heriot to Edievale

The 28th December 2011 is a special anniversary for Heriot-Edievale.Com for it was 44 years ago today on the 28th December 1967 that the last passenger train ran from Heriot to Edievale and return. The line was formally closed to rail traffic after that train ran.
This post commerates a sunny Thursday afternoon all those years ago when more than 500 passengers trundled their way from Heriot to Edievale and back, in West Otago New Zealand, on a historic train trip. A trip  that will not now just be lost in the mist of time, but serve as inspiration for a fast track to the future for this company.
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