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The Heriot-Edievale Business Has Restarted

After an absence of a few years the Heriot-Edievale advisory/consultancy business has been re-established.

Heriot-Edievale Limited was Incorporated by The New Zealand Companies Office Register on 17 August 2020. The business provides advisory and consultancy services to various parties in the Public Transport, Rail and Freight sectors in New Zealand as well as internationally.

We have also started to build relationships with overseas experts who we can bring into our service offering as required.

Please look out for further updates, and the occasional blog, on this website. In particular, also look out for new documents and papers on the New Zealand Rail sector that will from time to time be posted on our Resources and Reports page.

Heriot-Edievale Limited was founded by Michael van Drogenbroek, Director. Michael has vast experience in Public Transport, Rail, Aviation and Freight transport together with experience in delivering various transport projects in diverse international locations such as Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates - UAE), Melbourne and Brisbane (Australia) as well as across New Zealand.

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